Senior Minister Position Opening

Job Description: Senior Minister

Description: The Senior Minister is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the congregation of Bedford Acres Christian Church (BACC), and to lead us in broad-based evangelism to the surrounding community. This includes providing spiritual leadership through example, preaching/teaching, working with the elders to implement the vision and mission of the church, equipping the congregation for various works of ministry, and shepherding the people with the Elders, Deacons, and Ministry teams.

Accountability: The Senior Minister reports directly to the Elders to whom he is accountable. He will be evaluated annually boy the elders based on this job description and any specific written goals set as part of an annual plan developed by in cooperation with the Elders. He will set his office hours as agreed to with the Elders.


* Believes that Jesus Christ, is the son of the living God, our Savior

*Believes in the Holy Spirit

*Believes Baptism by immersion

*Believes the Old and New testament is the inspired word of God

*Believes in prayer

*Observes the institution of the Lord's supper on the Lord's Day

*Demonstrates through his words and actions a life submitted to Christ

*Bible college or seminary graduate

*Ordained Minister with at least five years of Senior leadership experience

Leadership/Leadership Development and Discipleship:

*A cooperative, self-confident motivator

*an inspiration to the vision and mission of the church

*a effective team builder

*a spiritual leader

*one who provides ministry workers with direction and guidance

* Work alongside of the elders in implementing the church's vision and mission, and in developing and implementing

*will create a leadership process to develop new leaders in the church

*has full direct responsibility for all the staff and ministry teams within the church

Teaching/Preaching and Worship Duties:

*an effective communicator

*someone whose spiritual life shows through his preaching

*a spirit led, mature believer who speaks from experience

*develops preaching schedule, coordinates with worship team

*meets with worship ministry team to evaluate and plan all regular and special services

*works with the worship ministry team to ensure that the worship services are effective in content, style and structure

*works with small group ministry and curriculum

Outreach/Community Engagement:

*A model of interaction with the community

*a spokesman for BACC within the community

*a resident of Bourbon County

*develops a strategy for outreach through evangelism within the community

Congregational Relations/Pastoral Care:

*a compassionate and empathetic Shepherd

*a discerning peacemaker

*inspires the congregation to spiritual maturity

*provides care for spiritual, emotional and physical needs

*coordinates with visitation ministry in making hospital visits

*provides minor counseling and refers to counselor

*conducts baptisms, funerals, premarital counseling and weddings

Professional Development/Personal Growth:

*a life-long learner

*a leader and contributor to winning souls to Christ

*devotes time to spiritual, mental and physical development and well-being through personal disciplines

*attends courses/workshops as appropriate

*attends small groups as a participant and an advisor, to the enhancement of the group

*will develop an annual plan in cooperation with the elders for personal growth, both for himself and the elders

*should seek a growing relationship with God through daily prayer and bible reading

(all matters pertaining to salary and benefits will be addressed by the applicant and the elders)

Last day to put in an application will be Friday October 13, 2017

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